July 5, 2015

Actor to Producer to Agent! VO Agent CAROL RATHE of GO VOICES Show 1 of 3 on LovethatVoiceover

Actor to Producer to Agent!


Show 1 of 3 on LovethatVoiceover

Meet Carol Rathe, founder and head talent agent at Go Voices in Denver, Colorado.  Learn all about Carol in this in-depth interview series in 3 parts.  In part one, Carol explains how she went from actress to producer to agent.  She explains the thankless parts of being an agent, the better parts, and how she runs the agency. Carol Rathe is a talent agent based in Denver, Colorado and founded the agency Go Voices in 2009. Carol began her career in the talent industry in 1980 as a full-time on camera and voice over artist, then worked in production and casting, and eventually an agent.  Taking all of her experience and industry knowledge from the last 30 years and establishing her own agency, Carol now owns Go Voices. Carol hand selects each voiceover talent and knows their capabilities and personalities. She is dedicated to upholding high standards for talent and agency professionalism.  Go Voices has a national reputation for friendly, honest and responsive service. Talent seeking representation may submit online at www.govoices.com

Thanks to JASON RACKOW for his fabulous and friendly help doing the first pass of audio editing of today's interview!

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