February 10, 2016

Cristina’s Life Through Spinal Reconfiguration… Part two of two

Cristina’s Life with Spinal Reconfiguration to Today...

Part two of two, Eps 4,5 and 6 on LovethatVoiceover

Cristina Milizia - The life obstacles unfold with spinal reconfiguration... and more. This is episodes 4, 5 and 6 edited together for 1 hour and 10 minutes of infotainment!

Ep. 4: Cristina’s Life Changes Again Through Spinal Reconfiguration. Cristina's life changes again – this time to heal… but it’s not easy. And at the same time, she continues her VO career, and starts a new VO school. Indomitable!

Ep. 5: Cristina has developed her business in the more recent years. Monster High, Mattel are still a foundation of her on-going VO work, and now… mobile games / apps, childrens' toys and audio books, sound-alike work. Having a great home studio is absolutely essential. Targeting companies you want to work with, and building the portfolio to show them, are key.

Ep. 6  Cristina and the LoveThatVO quiz. She’s into magenta, Smule and HAPPINESS...

Christina Milizia has been a voice actress since the age of 8 and in the business for 23 years. She is a veteran voice artist, bi-lingual with English and Spanish, singer, and working full time while now living in Los Angeles. Cristina’s very well known for her young girl and baby voices, famous for League of Legends characters: Annie, Amumu & Nunu, while getting recent attention with her character Mari from Mattel's show "Monster High".  Her website’s are cristinamilizia.com, her IMDB page, and globalvoiceacademy.com.  Her unmarried name was Cristina Ulloa.  If you’re a huge fan, go to her website for autographed pics!

Thanks to JASON RACKOW for his friendly help doing the first pass of audio editing of today's interview.

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