December 6, 2012

Marc Graue Voice Actor & Audio Producer on LovethatVoiceOver part 3

Enjoy these stories in our third and final segment with Marc Graue: Why Avatar the cartoon series was his fav… His icon Don Pitts… The sleazy street rat anaology to finding your niche!  In addition, Marc shares how he balances life – including special needs kids! Finally – Rorshach test!! Woo hoo!

Hollywood born Marc Graue offers great stories of experience and sage advice from both sides of the glass in today’s show.  His perspective? Find the slice of VO you are comfortable in vs assuming you need to be a jack of all trades.  He is quite proud of his ‘Hotel Mario’ notoriety, winning game of the year 2011 for ‘SkyRim’ and being ‘Mr.Zircon’ in voice & action figure.     Marc Graue is a professional American Voice actor as well as the owner of Marc Graue Voice Over Recording Studios in Burbank CA. 

Marc Graue Voice Over Recording Studios is recognized worldwide as a leader in voiceover recording for all types of VO and more, has won 2 Grammys, a Clio, International Radio Festival Gold Awards, numerous Crystal Communicator Awards, Silver Mikes, and a Telly Award.   Marc Graue studio webpage 

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