January 17, 2013

M.J. Lallo & The future of VO… Part 2 of 2 on Love That VoiceOver!

M.J. Lallo & The future of VO… Part 2 of 2 on Love That VoiceOver!

FUTURE OF ANIMATION and VO “2.0” from M.J. Lallo’s perspective: Where is the animation industry  exploding? Is there a lot of trash out there? Why are VO people teaching that never used to? Listen here.

MJ Lallo is a voice over artist, VO director, VO casting, VO producer and composer with over 24 years experience. She offers a "one-stop shop" VO recording facility specializing in animation, commercials, narration and also VO classes and Demos. She's done a ton VO's for DVD projects, commercials, animation and games. She's been simultaneously teaching and working in the entertainment industry since 1990. Connect with MJ here: MJ Lallo’s personal VO Site  http://www.mjlallo.com  and facebook page www.facebook.com/m.jai.lallo   MJ Lallo’s Audio Production/VO School http://www.creatingvoices.com

Love That VoiceOver is a podcast showcasing in-depth interviews unveiling the personalities and projects behind the mic.  Every interview is a fresh perspective on the art and artistry behind the microphone....

VO artist LoveThatRebecca, aka Rebecca Haugh, is your host and producer of Love That VoiceOver. Rebecca also honors voiceover improv with LoveThatImprovVO.com

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