Rick Riley, VO artist & storyteller, joins Rebecca on Love That Voiceover. Rick is a former radio personality with almost 30 yrs behind the mic, with 16 yrs doing a drive time show in Miami. Swept out of Clear Channel, he searched for his roots and found VO. He is the VOICE of the Minnesota Vikings and a feature voice for NFL films. And More...

Audio was his LIFE, but Rick Riley didn’t want to do voiceover after a very successful Miami 30 yr drive-time radio show. But Clear Channel shut that down, so he had to move on. Rick tried to do a syndicated show, but it didn’t take off as he wanted. He decided, with outside encouragement, to step into voiceover, trying “pay to play” as a first step. Guess what? He didn’t like how he sounded doing commercials! He felt really green compared to national talent, but didn’t know why.  He got coaching from Nancy Wolfson, learned a TON about script interpretation… pretty soon he got an agent, started booking jobs… Once he was more confident of his own ability… the dominoes fell! He’s a natural storyteller.. And has learned how commercials have changed: Selling the product “ain’t” selling the product! Now with the Minnesota Vikings production company, they’ve won 3 Emmy’s and both he and the producers acknowledge what the other does. Help your clients feel like each of them is No. 1! Treat your clients so they provide you the foundation for success! Become an Epic Storyteller like Rick! Learn more about Rick at his website www.RickRileyVoice.com

VO artist LoveThatRebecca aka Rebecca Michaels Haugh is your host and producer of Love That VoiceOver. Connect on Twitter @RebeccaMichaels and @LoveThatVO, on FaceBook pages Rebecca Michaels and Love That Voiceover, plus websites www.LoveThatRebecca.com and http://www.LoveThatVoiceover.com.

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