October 10, 2012

Deb Munro: Teenage runaway to Pirates of the Carribean! Part 2 of 3 on LovethatVoiceover

Deb Munro: Teenage runaway to Pirates of the Carribean!

Part 2 of 3 on LovethatVoiceover

From being a teen runaway who was anti-“book smart” to becoming a teacher, loving psychology, from voicing on ‘Pirates of the Carribean’ game to being the voice of the Faroe Islands… Hear Deb tell us how it all happened… As we pick up, Deb tells me how a casting person was fearful to tell her the truth, which motivated Deb to not only educate herself but fully embrace coaching and brutal honesty toward talent!  Deb also recognized that each person responds to different types of communication, and she uses her own understanding of that psychology to express the truth to talent about how they can improve their personal VO signature brand.  She never meant to coach! She was just helping friends for free.  Then, Deb tells us how Vancouver’s market changed and how she continuously adapts… She has voiced the animation in Dragon Ball series and Benjamin the Elephant to commercials for Ford and Car Canada to the sultry narration of True Pulp Murder...  And inside the story of the video game PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN by Disney!  Deb is also having fun doing VO for worldwide clients, including being the voice of the Faroe Islands. Learn more about Deb Munro at these links: www.DebsVoice.com , www.facebook.com/DebsVoiceRecipe , www.twitter.com/DebMunroVO ,  http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/Debbie-Munro/

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