January 20, 2012

Dino Andrade - Voice Actor and SoulGeek.com CEO - Part 1 of 4 on LovethatVoiceover

Dino Andrade - Voice Actor and SoulGeek.com CEO - Part 1 of 4 on LovethatVoiceover

Part 1 - Dino describes his dual career as VO Actor (celebrity video game status as 'Scarecrow' in Batman Arkam Asylum) and CEO of dating website for geeks called SoulGeek.com.   More about parts 2,3 and 4 at those episodes. Background: A self-described geek and lover of great works of imagination, voice actor Dino Andrade spoke with voice actor and host of ”LoveThatVoiceOver" podcast Rebecca Michaels in September 2011, providing a glimpse into his world as a successful Voice Actor, what it is like working on video games and other musings about life as a geek… From his facebook page, Dino describes himself as a “VO dude on such stuff as World of Warcraft (Mimiron, Putricide, Mekkatorque, Funglemancer Glop, the Death Knight Gnomes), Batman Arkham Asylum(the Scarecrow), Brutal Legend, Call of Duty, Basra 3, and more. Plus the creator of SoulGeek.com.  Dino is inspired by Guilermo del Toro, Terry Pratchett, Jerry Goldsmith, and Buster Keaton to name a few. Dino’s acting resume includes live acting and filmmaking, but is much heavier with voice acting credits in TV, Video games, Feature Films, Online Series and Commercials.  His business resume includes a major credit as founder and operator of  SoulGeek.com, a dating and community website dedicated to self-described geeks of all types.

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