August 16, 2012

His 1st big break - Herb Moore, Emmy nominated animator, part 2 of 3 on LovethatVoiceover

His 1st big break - Herb Moore, Emmy nominated animator

part 2 of 3 on LovethatVoiceover

In part two ‘Love That VoiceOver’ interviews Herb Moore: His 1st big break at the art supply store: Klasky-Csupo animation testing & competition for the job at ‘The Simpsons’.  Then ‘Ahh Real Monsters’, ‘Ren & Stimpy’, ‘Duck Man’, jumping between projects, seasons and layoffs in the TV biz…  The next big break was at Warner Bros on ‘Animaniacs’ and ‘Pinky and the Brain’.  Awesomeness sharing an Emmy nomination with Steven Spielberg and other notables and what Mr.Spielberg talked about!

Herb Moore, Emmy nominated animator, has been in the animation business for over twenty years and worked at Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros., Universal, Cartoon Network, Hyperion, Sullivan-Bluthe, Klasky-Csupo as well as numerous independent studios. His list of credits include The Simpsons, Animaniacs, Pinky & the Brain, Superman, Batman, Justice League, Road Rovers, Histeria, Scooby Doo, Static Shock, Rugrats, Ah Real Monsters, The Thornberry’s, Santo Bugito, Edith Anne, Firehouse Tales, Special Agent Oso, Xiaolin Showdown, Class of 3000 and currently Phineas & Ferb. Herb has been nominated for two Emmys and has received five Emmy certificates for animated shows he worked on that have won Emmys. He has also developed his own humorous animation website at where he displays his own animated short films as well as selected others. In addition to serving as a Board Ambassador for the non-profit International Children's Art Network Corporation, in March 2012 Herb became the latest addition to their Board of Directors.  

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