March 15, 2014

IN the World - Outside the Norm: Canadian ElleyRay on LoveThatVoiceover - Part 2 of 3

IN the World - Outside the Norm: Canadian Elley Ray on LoveThatVoiceover - Part 2 of 3

Joyfully join Elley Ray and Rebecca discussing: Benefits of writing for VO talent… How do you associate with words on a script? Tips to look at copy differently…  Next  -  being a storyteller in the world… Projects come along thru others you worked with… Then - Running your biz: The child cannot run your life, even if you ask her to play every day! Being smart – understanding the word - Having a plan and getting help….. Branding, Legal points… Professionals pay for what is required to have the right support. Actors are lazy! Be IN the world, know it and if you don’t know it, hire people that do know it, so they can help you. It’s not about spending tons of $$. Have a plan and understand the dynamics of that plan, what is required of you to achieve what you want! Don’t be afraid of this- take it on!  Finally - Advocacy in the business. Is what you give out, what you receive? Can you champion for others, and you champion for yourself?

Canadian Elley Ray Hennessy is an international, award-winning actress, writer, director and producer.  She has: appeared in over 290 stage and film productions,voiced thousands radio and television commercials and appeared in countless animation series and animation feature films. Learn more about her at her website

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