Joey Camen, in his career as a standup comedian, opened for the late great Marvin Gaye, Kool & the Gang, the one and only Richard Pryor and many others.  His career behind the voiceover microphone has had him on projects working with Maurice LaMarche, Billy West and many other great VO talents.  In today’s final episode of three, it gets personal with Rebecca and Joey! Find out the significance of ‘the real birthmark’, distilled water and eyes of pure, unconditional love!

Joey Camen: 1. An accomplished voice-over artist, actor, screenwriter and standup comedian, with years of diversified experience. 2. A versatile voice that is heard worldwide in TV and radio commercials, video games, films, and various animated films and TV shows. 3. Author of ‘My Life with Snoopy’.  Learn more at http://www.VoiceComic.com and www.MyLiveWithSnoopy.com  

VO artist LoveThatRebecca aka Rebecca Michaels Haugh is your host and producer of Love That VoiceOver. Connect on Twitter @RebeccaMichaels and @LoveThatVO, on FaceBook pages Rebecca Michaels and Love That Voiceover, plus websites www.LoveThatRebecca.com and http://www.LoveThatVoiceover.com.

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