WOODY ALLEN, ANTZ & ED HOOKS - MATCHING PIXELS TO THE HEART! MEET ED HOOKS, INVENTOR OF ACTING FOR ANIMATORS! My acting teacher from San Francisco Ed Hooks got dragged in by another acting student to do acting teaching to animators back in 1996  for a “small” animated movie called ANTZ starring Woody Allen … ANTZ was only the SECOND computer animated full-length movie made in the US! (Toy Story being the first.  So he tried to teach introverted animators about acting via script work and performance, which totally bombed. Luckily Ed modified his efforts, learned about animation work in order to teach animators, especially when working in computer animation and the 24 frames per second “moment” ; and then he wrote a book about it.  Back in 1996 NO ONE wanted to publish his new book ‘Acting for Animators’ because they didn’t think there was an audience. He was just ahead of his time. It didn’t get published until 2001. Ed also has great insights to the VO production and casting handled for animation projects. Some tidbits are: VO Sessions for animation projects… Contacting animation companies – who are not accustomed to actors!  Ed Hooks is a theatre professional for 30 years, and has pioneered acting training specifically for animators. His books Acting for Animators and Acting in Animation: A Look at 12 Films have become standard texts at animation schools all over the world. VO artist LoveThatRebecca aka Rebecca Haugh is your host on Love That VoiceOver bringing you a fresh perspective about personalities and projects within the art and artistry behind the microphone....  Follow us @LovethatVO @RebeccaHaughVO and same names on FB Pages

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